Mahogany Hôtel Résidence & Spa

Fort Royal Room

A room that can be divided up to suit your needs

The 200 m² plenary Fort Royal Room is modular and can be converted into 4 conference rooms and is equipped with acoustic panels, lighting and air conditioning. Can host from 20 to 220 people.

Prices on request:

Route du Rhum Room

A room with plentiful daylight

The 210m² Route du Rhum meeting room benefits from natural light (blackout curtains).
Its capacity is from 30 to 200 people.

Price upon request:

Chocolat Room

A room with a view of the sea and the garden

The 71m² Chocolat meeting room is bathed in natural light and has a view over the garden and the seaside. Can host from 20 to 50 people.

Prices on request:

Coffee breaks

To accompany your seminars

We can provide a range of services:
– Selection of hot and cold drinks
– Selection of hot and cold drinks + pastries
– Bottle of mineral water 500 ml

Technical Equipment

To facilitate your presentations

1 paperboard, included in the price for the room, can be provided on request.

Projection and screens:
– 2500 lumen video projector
– 3600 lumen video projector – Whiteboard 1.80 m x 1.35 m
– Whiteboard 2m50 x 1m90 – Projection screen 3.20 m x 1.90 m
Other screens and projectors available on request.

Sound system:
– Sound system with 2 loudspeakers + 1 corded mic + 1 HF mic
– Additional HF mic or tie mic
– Additional corded mic

– Portable computer + Office 2010 Desk and computer monitor for desk
– WiFi with code

Technical support:
Technician available
Sound, projection, video, IT

Platforms :
– 2 platforms 2.80 m x 1.50 m
– 16 platform modules,1.20 m x 1.50 m each

Other equipment is available on request. Sliding scale of charges based on the number of days’ meetings.